Product Download

1.3 Downloading Active@ Boot Disk

You must perform these operations on a separate computer that has a healthy hard drive and access to the Internet.

To download Active@ Boot Disk:

  1. On the Internet, navigate to
  2. To download Active@ Boot Disk (Win Edition), click the Buy Now! link and follow the procedure for paying.
  3. To download the 10-day Demo version, click the Download link.
  4. You may save the file to a folder on your machine or you may run the file directly from the Internet folder.
  5. The install wizard steps you through pages to agree to the terms of the license and determine the destination folder.
  6. In the Select Components page, for assistance with writing Active@ Boot Disk to a bootable CD, DVD or USB mass storage device, select the Active@ Boot Disk Creator check box.
  7. After Active@ Boot Disk has been successfully installed, select the Run Active@ Boot Disk Creator check box and click Finish.
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