3.0 Programs

This page provides detailed descriptions of all the programs and utilities included with Active@ Boot Disk.

Applications are listed in this page in the order that they appear in the Active@ Boot Disk start menu.

  • 3.1  Active@ Disk Image
    Active@ Disk Image - Create an exact image of the data stored in selected partitions of a hard disk or an image of the entire hard disk.
  • 3.2  Active@ Data CD/DVD Burner
    Active@ Data CD/DVD Burner - Write/burn files and folders onto CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-RW, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW.
  • 3.3  Active@ Partition Recovery
    Active@ Partition Recovery - Recover deleted or damaged partitions located on data volumes, attached hard drives, as well as on external USB drives and Memory Cards (SunDisk, MemoryStick, CompactFlash, etc.).
  • 3.4  Active@ File Recovery
    Active@ File Recovery - Recover files that have been damaged, destroyed by a virus or if the file directory has been destroyed.
  • 3.5 Active@ Disk Editor
     Active@ Disk Editor - Edit a disk’s raw sector data to analyze and repair the MBR and other important files. Advanced search capabilities and templates for viewing MBR, Boot Sectors, LDM, MFT records are available
  • 3.6 Active@ Password Changer
    Active@ Password Changer  - Recover from forgotten or damaged user passwords. This utility supports multiple hard disk drives.
  • 3.7 Active@ KillDisk
    Active@ KillDisk - Destroy data permanently from any computer. Also, wipe deleted data, securely removing all data in unoccupied sectors.
  • 3.8 Active@ Partition Manager
    Active@ Partition Manager - Perform maintenance tasks on hard drive partitions.
  • 3.9 Active@ Disk Monitor
    Active@ Disk Monitor - Monitor the reliability status of your local hard drives to help prevent data loss due to hard drive failure.
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Active@ Boot Disk Programs