3.1 Active@ Disk Image

Active@ Disk Image is a Windows-based solution that allows you to create an exact image of the data stored in selected partitions of a hard disk or an image of the entire hard disk. You can protect your valuable data by regularly making a disk image and keeping it in a safe place. If you have trouble with data corruption, or if you want to refer to an archived version of a file, you can easily restore the data.

The application provides many tools around backing up data on your hard disk:

  • Disk to Image - Opens the Disk to Image Wizard. Helps you to create a regular type disk image archive of an entire disk or of selected partitions in the system.
  • Image to Disk - Opens the Image to Disk Wizard. Helps you to restore data from a disk image archive.
  • Explore Image - Opens Active@ Disk Image Explorer. Helps you to browse through folders and files in a disk image as though it was a hard drive. You may select folders or individual files and restore them.
  • Verify Image - Opens the Verify Image Wizard. Helps you check the integrity of a disk image archive file.
  • Create Raw Image - Opens the Create Raw Image Wizard. Helps you create a raw type disk image of only one partition or the entire disk.
  • Clone Disk - Opens the Clone Disk Wizard. Helps you to transfer a sector-by-sector copy from one disk (partition) to another.  
  • Partition Manager – A tool that helps you create, delete, format or show properties of partitions on all devices in your system.


For more information, see the Active@ Disk Image User’s Guide document in the Documentation tab of the Active@ Boot Disk shell.

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Active@ Disk Image