3.3 Active@ Partition Recovery

Active@ Partition Recovery is a data recovery utility that you can use to:

  • Find and recover deleted partitions and logical drives
  • Create a Drive Image for backup purposes
  • Fix or create a typical MBR (Master Boot Record) 

This means that you can recover deleted or damaged partitions located on data volumes (D:, E:, and so on), attached hard drives, as well as on the external USB drives and Memory Cards (SunDisk, MemoryStick, CompactFlash, etc.). On a system partition, BOOT.INI is corrected automatically (if needed) to repair an un-bootable system. As well, damaged Volume Boot Sectors are corrected to maintain integrity of the partition. This utility also enables you to fix a damaged MBR and to delete invalid partitions.

For any computer to boot properly, the following conditions must apply:

  • The MBR (Master Boot Record) exists and is not damaged
  • The Partition Table exists and contains at least one active partition

If these conditions exist, the executable code in the MBR selects an active partition and passes control to it so that it can start loading the system files (COMMAND.COM, NTLDR, ... ).

If these files are missing or corrupted then the operating system will be unbootable.

Note:  For more detailed instructions and support, see the Active@ Partition Recovery User Guide.


Picture. Active@ Partition Recovery. Recover accidentally deleted or damaged partitions.
Active@ Partition Recovery