4.3 System Utilities

Many of these utilities are familiar Windows functions. With Active@ Boot Disk, you can access them even if your hard drive is damaged.

Partition Manager (DiskPart.exe)

Partition Manager (DiskPart.exe)— Command line tool to create, delete, format and resize basic partitions and logical partitions, and manage dynamic volumes and RAIDs.

Check Disk

Check Disk — An applet that helps you create and display a status report for your hard drive.

Command Prompt

Command Prompt — Run command prompt utility (cmd.exe) to create and run batch files or perform other DOS commands.

Display Configurator

Display Configurator— Choose the resolution and number of colors displayed.

Task Manager

Task Manager — Get information about computer performance and details about running applications, processes, network activity, logged-in users, and system services. View or modify currently running services. View the full name of a process. Monitor applications and services running system performance and resources.

Date and Time

Date and Time — Change your computer’s date, time and time zone.

System Information

Displays system information about your local machine.


Picture. Active@ Boot Disk System Utilities
Active@ Boot Disk System Utilities