4.2. Supplementary Utilities

Use these utilities to explore parameters around existing hard drives.

Explore My Computer

Explore My Computer – Use Active@ Boot Disk Explorer to access the file system. Copy, move and delete files and folders.

Registry Editor

Registry Editor – View and edit registry information for the current (Windows PE) operating system.

Local Registry Search

Local Registry Search searches local disks for Windows installations and displays all Registry hives found. Allows to edit found hives with Registry Editor.

Disk Defragmenter

Disk Defragmenter – third party freeware application that allows you to analyze and defragment existing volumes under bootable disk environment.

Add Keyboard Layout

Add Keyboard Layout – Add language support for a second language. This includes special keyboard layout and the ability to display language characters on the screen. You may use a different language for a file name or when recording notes about changes made to the system.

Notepad Text Editor

Notepad Text Editor – When you are performing maintenance on a hard disk or if you are repairing or recovering lost or damaged data on a disk, you might want to record technical information about the disk before making changes. This information may be helpful if you need to remember the original configuration when restoring data after a system crash or when contacting technical support.

WordPad Editor

WordPad Editor – A basic word processor that is included with Microsoft Windows. It is more advanced than Notepad but more simple than Microsoft Works Word Processor. You may paste a captured screenshot image to WordPad from the Clipboard. After you have pasted the image, you may make comments about the screenshot.


Calculator – A calculation application included with Microsoft Windows.


Paint – A simple raster graphics painting program included with Microsoft Windows. You may paste a captured screenshot image to Paint and then save it as a JPG, BMP or other types of graphic files.

Screenshot Maker

Screenshot Maker – An easy-to-use, flexible way to take a snapshot of on-screen details in the Active@ Boot Disk environment.


Picture. Active@ Boot Disk Utilities
Active@ Boot Disk Utilities