Ultimate Boot Disk
Active@ LiveCD!

Backup, Recovery & Security Toolset.
Boot up any PC into a graphical environment from CD/DVD or USB!

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Active@ LiveCD Installer, size 412MB

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Active@ LiveCD Archive, size 416MB

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Active@ LiveCD. Ultimate Boot Disk

Video overview

Release Note: v.4 (May 19, 2016) Improved UEFI Secure Boot support; The latest software included: Active@ KillDisk 10.1, Active@ UNDELETE 11, Active@ Partition Recovery 15, Active@ Password Changer 7 ... Read More

Requirements: Supported:
Intel-based x64(64-bit) PC, 1 GB RAM
CD/DVD/BD drive or a USB disk to boot from    more...
File Systems: Linux Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, BtrFS, F2FS, ReiserFS; Microsoft FAT/exFAT, NTFS; Apple HFS+; IBM JFS; Unix UFS, XFS, ZFS
Storages: SATA / eSATA / HDD / SSD / IDE / SCSI / RAID / LUN / USB / Media Cards: SanDisk, MMC, CompactFlash, MemoryStick,...
Operating Systems for Backup/Restore, Repair/Recovery from: Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux, Unix

Active@ LiveCD tools:

Data Recovery tools

Active@ Partition Recovery

recovers unreadable, damaged or accidentally deleted volumes & disks


restores deleted files & folders, even from deleted, damaged or formatted volumes

Data Security tools

Active@ KillDisk

secure disk erasing & data wiping utility
DoD 5220.22M compliant

Active@ Password Changer

resets passwords & local user account's attributes for Windows OS family

Data Backup tool

Active@ Disk Backup

data backup & data restore utility, supported compression & encryption

System tools

Active@ Disk Editor

inspects disk data on a low-level,
views & edits raw disk's sectors

Active@ LiveCD features & utilities:

Boot disk: Full access to non-bootable PC Ability to start non-bootable PC for the data access and recovery
Boot Disk can be started from a CD or USB flash drive Boots up any machine from a portable media: CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc or USB flash disk
BIOS and UEFI secure boot supported All boot modes supported: legacy BIOS and the latest UEFI secure boot
Saving and restoring desktop configuration Desktop configuration can be customized & saved to USB, then restored for next sessions
Anti-virus software included Virus detection and infected systems repair, anti-virus scanner included
Almost all file systems supported for read-write access R/W access to: NTFS,FAT/exFAT,Ext2/Ext3/Ext4,BtrFS,F2FS,ReiserFS,HFS+,JFS,UFS,XFS,ZFS
Data recovery & file recovery tools Ability to recover deleted, damaged or re-formatted volumes & undelete files being lost
Disk data backup and restore options Ability to back up volumes & local disks and to restore them back in case of system crash
Secure data erasing tools Ability to erase all data on volumes securely, 23 international erasing standards supported
Secure data erasing tools Ability to inspect data on a low-level, view & edit raw disk's sectors in hexadecimal editor
Secure data erasing tools Ability to reset local user passwords and user account attributes for Windows OS family
Apper Software Manager downloads and installs additional packages Software Manager: Downloads & Installs extra RPM packages from web repositories
System Tools: Partition Editor & Expert Partitioner System Tools: Expert Partitioner manages any types of disks, volumes, RAIDs, networking
Two different file managers included for convenient data access File managers: Dolphin & Krusader let you browse, search, copy/move files & folders
Configure Desktop applet customizes appearance, configures Network, Power Saving, etc... Desktop: Control Panel configures User Accounts, Networking, Workspace, Display,...
Network Folder Wizard provides network connections Networking: Connection Manager for Wired and Wireless (Wi-Fi) Connections, VPN,...
Network Folder Wizard provides network connections Networking: Network Folder Wizard connects WebAdv, FTP, SSH & MS Windows shares
Internet can be accessed via Web Browser Internet: QupZilla web browser, Sylpheed mail client, other tools cab be downloaded
Remmina Remote Desktop Client connectivity tool Remote access: Remote Desktop Client supports RDP, SFTP, SSH, VNC secure connections
HDD, RAM, CPU & Network monitoring utilities included Status & health monitoring: Disks, RAM, CPU & Network monitoring utilities included
Graphics & Multimedia tools Graphics & multimedia: Image/Picture Viewers, Sound Mixer, CD/DVD Disc Burner
Office Documents can be previewed with Okular Document Viewer Okular Document Viewer previews PDF, EPS, DjVu, FB2, eBook, CHM and other documents
Advanced Text Editor with colouring schemas included Advanced Text Editor previews/edits files stored in many text formats, colouring supported
TrueCrypt/RealCrypt encrypted volumes can be accessed Security: Encrypted with TrueCrypt volumes and files can be attached and managed
Console Terminals: Konsole, Super User Mode, XTerm, Telnet Console terminals: Konsole Terminal, Super User Mode Terminal, XTerm & Telnet
Support tools: Calculator, Archiver.. Support tools: Ark Archiver, Calculator, Screen Capture, Info Centre, Clipboard Manager

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