About the Operating System

Because the Active@ LiveCD ISO image has been created using the openSUSE Linux operating system and based on KDE desktop , it enables you to have access to many basic Linux features and utilities using the KDE-style user interface.

The bootable image contains a variety of plug-ins,
64-bit & 32-bit drivers, utilities and applications.

Note! There are two Active@ Live packages being redistributed. One is a public evaluation FREE DEMO. This package contains 32-bit versions of all applications. These applications run in DEMO mode, not all functions are available. Another package has been supplied to clients after purchasing a registration key. This package contains 64-bit full-featured applications. Both packages can be activated with a registration key.

Here are some more advantages in Linux & KDE-based LiveCD:


It does not matter if your computer is32-bit or 64-bit or if it is based on legacy BIOS or UEFI. GRUB boot manager will boot the system properly and Linux will apply either 32-bit or 64-bit drivers.


After LiveCD boots, you can download and install any Linux packages (RPM), for example OpenOffice, Developer Tools or Mozilla Firefox browser.


When booted from USB disk, all user settings, as well as downloaded & installed packages are stored on USB, thus saving the session. When you boot the next time, all settings will be restored.


You c use the standard dialogs, like File Open, Save As, and so on.


Security: Networking, Firewall & support for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is included.


PnP (Plug and Play) support: Hardware devices can be detected and installed while LiveCD is running. This supports any in-box PnP device, including removable media and mass-storage devices. This means that you can plug in a mass-storage device for recover data from or use it for data backup.