Configure Plasma Desktop Components on Active@ LiveCD

Configure Desktop

  • Account Details — Current User Account location and configuration files, Social Desktop providers
  • Application Appearance — Allows changing KDE styles, Colors, Fonts, GTK, Icons, Emotions
  • Application & System Notifications — Manages Notifications, Player Settings and System Sounds
  • File Associations — Configures File Associations with applications and changes preference order
  • Locale — Sets Language, Numeric, and Time settings for the particular region, Configures Spell Checker
  • Shortcuts & Gestures — Configures Keyboard Shortcuts (Standard, Global & Custom) and Mouse Gestures
  • Desktop Effects — Configures Desktop Effects: Activation, Animations, Magnifier, ...
  • Workspace Appearance — Configures look & feel of Window Titles, Cursors, Desktop Theme, Splash Screen
  • Accessibility — Improves Accessibility for disable persons: Bell, Modifier Keys, Keyboard Filters, Gestures
  • Default Applications — Configures default Text Editor, File Manager, IM, Terminal Emulator, Web Browser
  • Window Behavior — Configures navigating through Windows, Visualisations, KWin scripts, Window Rules
  • Workspace Behavior — Configures the Activities System, Virtual Desktops, Screen Edges, Plasma Workspace
  • Network Settings — Adds, Edits and Removes Network Connections and Configures Service Discovery
  • SSL Preferences — Manages SSL Versions and Certificates
  • Device Actions — Manages actions available to the user when connecting new devices
  • Display & Monitor — Manages and Configures Monitors & Displays: Resolution, Orientation, Refresh Rate
  • Input Devices — Configures Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick settings
  • Power Management — Configures Energy Saving, Per-Activity Power Management, Power Events
  • Removable Devices — Configures Automatic Handling\Mounting of Removable Storage Media
  • Multimedia — Audio & Video Playback and Recording Settings, Phonon Media Framework Configuration
  • Apper — Software Manager allows to download and install additional RPM packages from web repositories
  • Date & Time — Changes Date, Time and Time Zone information
  • Font Management — Installs, Manages and Previews Fonts
  • Login Screen — Configures the Login Manager (KDM): Language, Theme, Fonts, Shutdown, Boot Manager, Users
  • Permissions — Sets permissions for applications like K3b
  • Startup & Shutdown — Manages Autostart, KDE Services Configuration, Session & Logout Management

Data Recovery

Data Utility

Data Security

Data Backup

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